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Power Flush is exactly how it sounds: a powerful cleaning process that flushes sludge and build-up from your boiler and central heating system. Have you ever wondered why your boiler is clattering, especially when it is working its hardest to heat your house? Do your radiators feel cold in certain rooms of the home? Do they refuse to heat up at the bottom of the radiator unit? All of this and more could be an indication of a bigger problem: your system is full of corrosive materials that are preventing it from running efficiently. Eventually, if left unchecked, this build up of materials could damage or destroy your system.


Affordable Power Flush is the solution. Plumb 4 Heat Powerflush is your local Power Flush specialist and offers the highest quality, certified service in London, Kent, and the surrounding region. Our highly trained engineers are Gas Safe certified, and ready to help get your gas and electric units back up and running swiftly. As a local Power Flush specialist, we make it our job to provide honest, transparent feedback about your central heating system and whether or not affordable Power Flush is the right solution. Before doing any work on your system, our engineers will diagnose your unit and determine the best way forward. If Power Flush is the answer, they will get to work cleaning your system with powerful chemicals, removing corrosion, sludge, and more from your pipes, pump, boiler, and radiators. After your affordable Power Flush, you will experience better quality heating throughout your home, as well as lower heat bills, faster heating time, and a quiet, efficient boiler.


Contact your local Power Flush specialist today to schedule your treatment and get back to efficient central heating.